Our Focus

Legal Marketing Geeks is all about marketing for your Law Firm.

Imagine if you had in-house marketing team dedicated to growing your Legal Firm. Getting leads, managing ad campaigns, managing your website, posting articles to your blog and social channels, making sure you stay at the top of search engines, managing your PPC and other ads, supporting your firm with brochures and seminars, and managing SEO to stay on top of your competition and industry. All of this with your input and direction, with monthly progress reports. This is exactly what Lawyer Marketing Geeks does for you.

Lawyer Marketing Geeks concentrates the legal practice of business. Within the Legal Practice of Business, we group the following focuses:

Corporate legal rights, responsibilities and obligations, transactional and financial, business litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property and white dollar criminal defense. Your practice may include one or all of the areas. We showcase your Legal Firm’s marketing to attract your most desirable clients

We only do marketing one attorney per major city. For example, if you are in Houston, we rank you for Houston and the suburbs. We don’t work with another lawyers or another firms in the area. Just YOUR Law Firm. That way you can are assured only your interests are being put first.

Our Methodology

  1. Define and Prioritize Goals and Tasks
  2. Set a Measurable Baseline with Reporting and Analysis
  3. Create a Project Plan with Time, Budget and Deliverables
  4. Implement the Plan
  5. Monthly Meetings to Report, Measure and Reset

If you are If you are a small to medium size firm serious about building your Law Practice, let’s talk. Let us send you our ‘getting acquainted’ questions, which will focus our first conversation. Please select a convenient time to connect. Click Here
We look forward to serving you and your firm!